Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Olympics

Well, I've decided to enter the Knitting Olympics (thanks, Yarn Harlot!). I will cast on Cascadia, using Happy Go Lucky. The RSC January sock will be a challenge for me--especially to finish by the end of the Winter Olympics.

I've also purchased some yarn that I have been wanting: Blue Sky Suri Merino. I will cast on Orlane's Textured Shawl (Ravelry site: and make it in a larger size since I want a shawl to wrap around me. I also purchased a couple of skeins for either a scarf or other project--either for me or for a friend.

Excitement abounds!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finished Simple Socks

My final postings on Ravelry on the Simple Sock:

Finishing the 2nd sock right now. The pattern is quite boring (yawn …), but it is good beginner practice for me. I have really appreciated Kelly Petkun’s sock class at the Knit Picks web site (

2/6/10: Finished 2nd sock today. The two socks are not exactly the same–since I did a better job on the 2nd one. I made the toe longer on the second one since the 1st one is just a tad too short. Again Kelly’s videos on YouTube are wonderful!!! Thank you Kelly!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

RSC & Lace Scarf

I just joined the 2010 Rocking Socks Club, & I'm really excited. I love Blue Moon Fibers yarn--and really look forward to working on my sock skills.

I am working hard to get Sheryl's lace scarf done since I want her to have it before it is too warm! I am about 1/2 done--so back to work!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I get it--left in a right for design

Well, I get it. I thought that it was a mistake that the left-leaning stitch was in place of a right-leaning location, but I was wrong. It was for design sake. I started over using the stitches as designated, and the design was just like it should be. So--I have finished it and am now blocking it.

Now on to 4.1 project that employs cables. I love cables, so I will enjoy this project.

Also--another thing to report--I have finished, washed, and blocked Kerri's scarf and will send to her soon. I am also working on Sheryl's lace scarf--so I have my hands full.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

When does left-leaning M1 mean left leaning?

The last day of freedom before returning to the work world. It has been absolutely wonderful being home--doing as I please. I am relaxed and at ease. I have to work on staying this way after returning to work.

On my last day of peace, I am working on last increase/decrease project, but the directions do not make sense. It specifies a left-leaning M1 on the right side--with a right-leaning M1 on the left side. Why would you want to lean to the left on the right side when the increase is moving the edge to the right? Wouldn't you want to lean to the right--the way in which the edge is moving? I just don't get it. So--I have switched the two--the right-lean on the right side and the left-lean on the left side. These M1s are twisted--so there isn't much of a hole. We'll see if this is wrong--and perhaps try it both ways to see what happens--and how it looks.

Today, I have worked on Kerri's Cable Sampler Scarf--weaved in the ends, and washed and blocked it. Hopefully, it will dry soon, so I can get it in the mail. In addition, I have cast on the Seagrass Scarf for Sheryl. It has a very repeatable pattern--so this should go okay.

Happy Knitting to all!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Increases . . . Decreases, et cetera, et cetera

Well--there is now one day left before returning to work . . . what can I say?! And the weather is truly frigid and horrible. Time to think about living in Arizona. These thoughts keep me warm (at least inside) when the winds are howling. How many more years do I have to work before I can retire? Oh well--back to my joy of knitting!

Right now I have finished two of the Increase/Decrease projects--the last one addresses pick up and knit as well. I've always had trouble with this on socks--so it was great to see that I could do it well. In addition, I've been reading some of Clara Parkes's The Knitter's Book of Yarn and learning how ply affects knitting--especially in terms of stitch definition. Very enlightening. I am knitting my projects in Cascade 220--which it 4-ply yarn--and the definition is truly there! I now have a bit more knowledge to help me pair projects with yarns. I have ordered her next book on wool and look forward to learning more!