Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finished Simple Socks

My final postings on Ravelry on the Simple Sock:

Finishing the 2nd sock right now. The pattern is quite boring (yawn …), but it is good beginner practice for me. I have really appreciated Kelly Petkun’s sock class at the Knit Picks web site (

2/6/10: Finished 2nd sock today. The two socks are not exactly the same–since I did a better job on the 2nd one. I made the toe longer on the second one since the 1st one is just a tad too short. Again Kelly’s videos on YouTube are wonderful!!! Thank you Kelly!

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Ilix said...

I always seem to make improvements on my second sock too. Especially if it has been a while shince I knit a pair and I am just knitting the vanillas. I whould knit a pattern soon... my socks are getting boring! The look like a nice colour.