Monday, July 14, 2008

Bastille Day & the Sock

7_14_08: Bastille Day--and, of course, made a mistake in my count for the heel flap. I had already finished the heel turn--only to notice that I had not knitted enough of the hf, in fact, only 1/3 of it. Learn to count, bev! So I ripped it back to before the heel turn, but it didn't go too well. I'm cutting my loses and continuing. The yarn split a bit--but not enough to rip further. Now I have 3 more sets to do--then back to the heel flap again. What was good was that I already learned how to do the ssp, so when I reach it again, it should go well. There was a good video on YouTube that helped a lot. (Thanks, Heather! []--I really appreciate it!)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Socks, again . . .

Well, I finished my sad little learning sock and have viewed all the mistakes . . . and have picked myself off the ground and started a "real" sock that I hope to wear. The smallest two circs that I have are size 2--so hopefully they will be okay for now. I am a very tight knitter--so we shall see. At first, I rather freaked out using such small needles and such thin yarn since the other sock was done on size 6 and worsted weight yarn. But . . . after the cast-on and first row, I've been just fine. I am using Knitpicks Felici sock year in the Schooner colorway, and it is very soft and great to work with. I will take pics for my Ravelry site very soon. I am following the basic sock pattern in Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles and love her sense of humor. Her videos on YouTube also help a great deal.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just Cast On!

Well, my first sock is kicking my butt--but I will persevere! I think it's the fact that I am a visual learner--and there have not been any pics of the pick up stitch part of the gusset. To those who can knit socks in their sleep--do remember back to when it was your first time--and how this was. I am a self-taught knitter--so I rely on books and videos to get me through. I did find a video on YouTube that helped (by Dorret at, but she used dpns and I was using two circular needles. So--I switch over to dpns and figured it out from her video. So thanks, Dorret!

I have now switched back to double circs and am working down to the toe. There are tons of mistakes, but I will finish the sock and look at what I have done incorrectly and jump right back on the horse. There are a number of skills that I would love to learn/incorporate into socks, so as David Reidy says on Sticks & String--just cast on!

Friday, July 4, 2008

What's On My Sticks

I have three projects on my sticks this week:

1. The color work hat from EZ's Knitting Workshop. I have been reading and watching EZ's KW--and really enjoying her sense of humor! I have already created one color work hat--but the decrease went badly--so I started another one and am about to start the decrease. Let's hope it goes better!

2. My second Jared Stripped Noro Scarf. This project is for those times when I need mindless work. The knit one purl one pattern is so easy--and it is wonderful to see how these colors work together and evolve.

3. My first sock. I have to say that I hope that I learn to love socks since they would serve as such a great place to work on all sorts of skills, such as lace, color work, and cables. Right now I am starting the gusset--so we will see how I feel after the Kitchener stitches for the toe.

I am suppose to start with the drop yoke sweater for EZ's KW--but I hope that it looks okay at the end. It's a lot of work (and yarn!) to waste on an unpleasant-looking FO.


I've been listening to a lot of knitting podcasts and enjoying them! Here's my lowdown on the ones to which I have listened:

Ones I started out with:

1. KnitPicks with Kelly Petkun (Vancouver, Washington). This is the podcast that I have listened to the most. I have almost caught up and have listened to 47 out of 55. I have slowed down recently since I am not a fan of the phone interviews. The sound quality is often a problem and becomes just too much work to listen. Besides some of the designers who she interviews design items that I don't care for in the least bit--especially the uber-feminine designs (ugh!). What I have loved about her podcast is when she talks about her needle trials and triumphs. It's nice to know that I am not alone.

2. KnittingatNight with Casey (Duluth, Minnesota). I have enjoyed this podcast quite a bit--especially when she discusses her knitting challenges. My only problem is when the conversation focuses exclusively on non-knitting items--but that is okay.

3. Miss Flip Knits (UK--London). I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast--especially their sense of humor and the wonderful wool show broadcast. Unfortunately, the sessions do not occur on a regular basis yet--so I tend to disconnect. Quit being so flip knitty!

New to me--but not in the podcast world:

1. Cast on with Brenda Dayne (UK--Wales). Even though I have heard of this podcast, I haven't started listening until very recently. And what a loss to me! This is an excellent podcast with a "regular" format filled with info, music, personal, and, of course, knitting! Her most recent podcast on the loss of a friend was . . . right on.

2. Sticks & String with David Reidy (Australia--outside Sydney). I just discovered this podcast today and absolutely love it! Again--I have tons of podcasts to listen to--and the format is wonderful--much in the spirit of Brenda Dayne.

There are a lot more knitting podcasts, but I don't have time to listen to all the back episodes for all of them. If anyone has their own favorites, let me know.