Sunday, January 3, 2010

When does left-leaning M1 mean left leaning?

The last day of freedom before returning to the work world. It has been absolutely wonderful being home--doing as I please. I am relaxed and at ease. I have to work on staying this way after returning to work.

On my last day of peace, I am working on last increase/decrease project, but the directions do not make sense. It specifies a left-leaning M1 on the right side--with a right-leaning M1 on the left side. Why would you want to lean to the left on the right side when the increase is moving the edge to the right? Wouldn't you want to lean to the right--the way in which the edge is moving? I just don't get it. So--I have switched the two--the right-lean on the right side and the left-lean on the left side. These M1s are twisted--so there isn't much of a hole. We'll see if this is wrong--and perhaps try it both ways to see what happens--and how it looks.

Today, I have worked on Kerri's Cable Sampler Scarf--weaved in the ends, and washed and blocked it. Hopefully, it will dry soon, so I can get it in the mail. In addition, I have cast on the Seagrass Scarf for Sheryl. It has a very repeatable pattern--so this should go okay.

Happy Knitting to all!

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