Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cottage Throw--Take 2

I've been having a great working on my cottage throw. I've completed the increasing pattern stitch section and am now halfway done with the diagonal stitch section. I then have the decreasing stitch section. After completing, I will be adding a picot crochet edging.

What I find the most fun and fascinating is working with colors and changing out the yarns. Since this is a three-strand project, I am always cutting and tieing different colors--and work to make special effects with yarns that provide texture and invoke the feel of my favorite beach near Cambria, California.

I have also made progress with the lifted m1 stitch. I started out with just making a m1, which left holes that were not wanted. I'm not going to rip it out since the edging should cover these holes. Now--with the lifted m1--there are no holes since it twists the yarn.

I need to take pics (of both this project and the stash throw) and put them online.

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