Sunday, May 18, 2008

Socks, socks, socks . . .

Well--I've spent a lot of time this weekend learning about socks and then starting my first "test" sock, using 5 DPNs. What a pain! It is extremely awkward with all the poking sticks! And I have done a number of rows. The good thing is that I didn't fall apart starting one . . . Good news. I've also done a lot of reading--both online and in books that I have. Which, in turn, pointed me to YouTube to watch some videos by Cat Bordhi. It was great watching them after knitting with the DPNs--because she shows how to use 2 circular needles. What a better way of knitting socks!!! I've used circular needles for both afghans/throws--but using them for the socks will be a new thing. So, I will get two sets of circular needles in the needed size this week--and then jump into this fun project. I'm stoked!!

I also checked out Camp Stitches--one that is in New York--and another in California. It sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I could do a three-day workshop with experts, such as Cat Bordhi. Most of the workshops are for intermediate or advanced knitters, so I am going to work on my skills this year so that I might be able to attend next year. I find this really exciting!

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