Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, on the last post I thought I had charts conquered . . . not so much. In the past, I have knitted in dishcloth KALs where the instructions are written out. I have created many patterns with no problems. The design came out as it should. For the last #2 project, the knitted pattern was charted. I have had to frog a number of times since I forgot to read from right to left--or left to right--and the difference in pattern was great. What is good is that I am reading my knitting more and more accurately, so I knew that my knitting was off by the next row--or even before the end of the row. So instead of frogging many rows--it was only 1 row most of the time. Also--what is important is that I didn't give up! I persisted.

I am almost done with this last #2 project--so I will be on to increases and decreases. I have done these in the past--but by the guess and knit process--not really knowing what I was doing. I look forward to this next step.

Today I will also finish off Kerri's scarf--weaving in tails, gently washing and blocking it. I hope to mail it to her by the weekend.

I cherish every day off of work and want to use it to the max!

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