Friday, July 4, 2008

What's On My Sticks

I have three projects on my sticks this week:

1. The color work hat from EZ's Knitting Workshop. I have been reading and watching EZ's KW--and really enjoying her sense of humor! I have already created one color work hat--but the decrease went badly--so I started another one and am about to start the decrease. Let's hope it goes better!

2. My second Jared Stripped Noro Scarf. This project is for those times when I need mindless work. The knit one purl one pattern is so easy--and it is wonderful to see how these colors work together and evolve.

3. My first sock. I have to say that I hope that I learn to love socks since they would serve as such a great place to work on all sorts of skills, such as lace, color work, and cables. Right now I am starting the gusset--so we will see how I feel after the Kitchener stitches for the toe.

I am suppose to start with the drop yoke sweater for EZ's KW--but I hope that it looks okay at the end. It's a lot of work (and yarn!) to waste on an unpleasant-looking FO.


Ilix said...
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Ilix said...

Sorry, that comment was not english! LOL
I can't wait to see your first sock! That is great!