Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just Cast On!

Well, my first sock is kicking my butt--but I will persevere! I think it's the fact that I am a visual learner--and there have not been any pics of the pick up stitch part of the gusset. To those who can knit socks in their sleep--do remember back to when it was your first time--and how this was. I am a self-taught knitter--so I rely on books and videos to get me through. I did find a video on YouTube that helped (by Dorret at, but she used dpns and I was using two circular needles. So--I switch over to dpns and figured it out from her video. So thanks, Dorret!

I have now switched back to double circs and am working down to the toe. There are tons of mistakes, but I will finish the sock and look at what I have done incorrectly and jump right back on the horse. There are a number of skills that I would love to learn/incorporate into socks, so as David Reidy says on Sticks & String--just cast on!

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