Friday, July 4, 2008


I've been listening to a lot of knitting podcasts and enjoying them! Here's my lowdown on the ones to which I have listened:

Ones I started out with:

1. KnitPicks with Kelly Petkun (Vancouver, Washington). This is the podcast that I have listened to the most. I have almost caught up and have listened to 47 out of 55. I have slowed down recently since I am not a fan of the phone interviews. The sound quality is often a problem and becomes just too much work to listen. Besides some of the designers who she interviews design items that I don't care for in the least bit--especially the uber-feminine designs (ugh!). What I have loved about her podcast is when she talks about her needle trials and triumphs. It's nice to know that I am not alone.

2. KnittingatNight with Casey (Duluth, Minnesota). I have enjoyed this podcast quite a bit--especially when she discusses her knitting challenges. My only problem is when the conversation focuses exclusively on non-knitting items--but that is okay.

3. Miss Flip Knits (UK--London). I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast--especially their sense of humor and the wonderful wool show broadcast. Unfortunately, the sessions do not occur on a regular basis yet--so I tend to disconnect. Quit being so flip knitty!

New to me--but not in the podcast world:

1. Cast on with Brenda Dayne (UK--Wales). Even though I have heard of this podcast, I haven't started listening until very recently. And what a loss to me! This is an excellent podcast with a "regular" format filled with info, music, personal, and, of course, knitting! Her most recent podcast on the loss of a friend was . . . right on.

2. Sticks & String with David Reidy (Australia--outside Sydney). I just discovered this podcast today and absolutely love it! Again--I have tons of podcasts to listen to--and the format is wonderful--much in the spirit of Brenda Dayne.

There are a lot more knitting podcasts, but I don't have time to listen to all the back episodes for all of them. If anyone has their own favorites, let me know.


Ilix said...

I know wht you mean about getting caught up with these podcasts! I started with Kelly on the Knitpicks podcast too. Then I met Lime and Violet, Cast on and Sticks and Strings. I love them all. I think this deserves more discussion. check my blog for a longer reply.

caednkat said...

You should check out Yarn Things podcast. She is a hilarious podcaster, it's like chatting with a buddy. She has taken a break from podcasting for the summer but will be back up with new podcasts soon.